Custom Hemp Packaging Boxes

Hemp Teabags Boxes

Custom Hemp Tea Bags Packaging Boxes are primarily used to pack your Teabags in an efficient way. Get Free Shipping Services all across the USA.

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Organic Hemp Soap Boxes

High quality custom Organic Hemp Soap Boxes are available at wholesale price. CBD Packaging Hub offers the best Organic hemp Soap Packaging with free shipping,

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10ml Bottle Boxes Hemp Oil

We offer an endless variety of variations for the 10ml Hemp Oil Bottle Packaging Boxes at wholesale price. Fast Turnaround Time. Order Now!

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Essential Oil Boxes

Get quality printed Custom Essential Oil Boxes at CBD Packaging Hub. We are manufacturing all kinds of CBD Oil Packaging at wholesale prices.

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Custom Hemp Oil Boxes

CBD Packaging Hub is offering all kinds of Custom Hemp Oil Boxes. We are providing the best Hemp Oil Packaging at wholesale prices. Free shipping all over the USA.

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15ml Hemp Oil Bottle Boxes

Get 15ml Hemp Oil Bottle Packaging Boxes with a custom printed design for your product. Call us for 15ml Hemp Oil Bottle Boxes at wholesale prices from an experienced Packaging team.

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30ml Bottle Boxes Hemp Oil

Order best 30ml Hemp Oil Bottle Packaging Boxes Wholesale with premium quality. Hemp Oil Packaging is our specialty, a wide range of custom printed Packaging Boxes.

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60ml Bottle Boxes Hemp Oil

60ml Hemp Oil Bottle Boxes. We manufacture a wide range of 60ml Hemp Oil Packaging Boxes with persuasive graphic designs, custom sizes, and layouts. Free shipping in the USA.

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70ml Bottle Boxes Hemp Oil

70ml Bottle Boxes. We manufacture a wide range of Hemp Oil Packaging boxes with persuasive graphic designs, custom sizes, and layouts. Free shipping in the USA.

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100ml Bottle Boxes Hemp Oil

Get 100ml Bottle Boxes, Packaging Hub brings the best Hemp Oil Packaging Solution, Wholesale price, Custom design, premium quality, free shipping in the USA.

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Hallmark of Custom Hemp Packaging

Hemp Packaging has seen a new boom after its legalization in the United States. CBD Packaging Hub is one of the pioneer companies in hemp packaging boxes. Since we are working from the initial stages, we know what is in the trend nowadays. We have introduced and improvised a commendable range of packaging products. Our prominent packaging products are as follows:

The list is extensive. There are almost seventy-five different hemp products. We are making Custom Hemp Boxes for all of the products. We are using contemporary means of packaging. Our in-house aptitude for packaging enables us to deliver excellence all the way. 

Saying a lot Through Custom Hemp Boxes

When the bells of your phone ring, we pick it up. Your packaging journey with us starts right there. We collaborate with you to make your packaging phenomenal. We understand the soul and spirit of your brand. Our designers and packaging experts listen to you. Then they portray the same brand story on your Hemp Packaging products. You may have a lot of products. These can be hemp labels, hemp stickers, Hemp Packaging Boxes, or anything related to hemp. 

Once we understand your vision, we tell your brand story to the world through packaging. Our designers use different approaches. It can be a simplistic theme. It can be minimalist. It can be gigantic. We can devise any theme that can be most suitable for your product. Actually, it is you, your thoughts, and imaginations that we convert into a design. We help you make Custom Hemp Boxes better than ever.

  • Hemp Biodegradable Packaging

Before going further; we keenly look towards the material selection. As this is the time of environmental thinking. And we know that the product is purely organic so the material should also be organic to the maximum extent. We use recyclable materials for hemp biodegradable packaging. Kraft is known for its eco-friendly features. Paper manufacturers manufacture it from wood pulp. Similarly, corrugated, and cardboard materials are also fully reusable.  

  • Printing of the Products

These materials are totally printable due to their features. Usually, we use the famous four colors printing procedure. This is also known as CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, and black) color methodology. We use this technique to Printed Hemp Packaging Boxes in bulk. CBD Packaging Hub offers you all types of printing variations i.e., offset printing, screen printing, foil printing, etc. 

Screen printing is a major part of packaging. It requires a screen that we print through a processed “positive”. We cannot print the offset colors together on the screen. It is used for one, two, or three colors distinctively. It has separate inks that we make with a distinctive formulation. It takes a bit more time to print than offset printing. Every time we just see what is better for your product boxes. If custom hemp boxes require printing through a screen then we opt for it. 

Similarly, we watch out for foil printing. Foil printing is a bit old but a very famous form of printing. Many of our clients know it as foil stamping. We use dies made of metal. Then we use a heating mechanism and apply a metallic foil to the box surface. Die presses the needful part of foil to the box surface and it just sticks with the boxes. Gold and silver foils have been outdated though they are still in business. Now we are also providing you foil printing in all other colors.

  • Guaranteed Printing

If you want a color guarantee then we can provide it without any hassle. It just needs a coat of varnish on the Hemp Packaging Boxes. Varnish is a specific transparent coat. It preserves and protects the printing for a long time. If you want something extra then we comply with you in the form of lamination. Lamination comes in two types: gloss and matte. Gloss is a shining lamination. It is a thin sheet of polythene. We stick it on the Custom Marijuana Boxes and Hemp Packaging Boxes with the help of glue. 

Shine is the only difference between gloss and matte lamination. These both are polythene layers. Lamination not only gives a lifetime guarantee to the hemp packaging products but also adds a little weight and sturdiness to the box panels. Once we apply the lamination layer on the boxes then even if you pour water over it, the boxes will not get rinsed. This is how we give you optimum print guarantees after lamination. 

  • Different Uses, Different Packaging

People use hemp products for a lot of purposes. If they are using hemp seeds to eat or to mix in their food then we make boxes for them. Hemp oil is a very famous product. is famous for making labels and boxes for these oil bottles. Many of our clients came to us to make these boxes. Hemp Tea has also seen a boom in recent years. We have a vast experience in customized tea packaging. If you have a hemp tea brand you can contact us to make all the products of its packaging line.

Hemp Display Boxes are also famous. Our clients use these boxes to place hemp bars, Hemp Gummies Boxes, or lollies. We make special inserts to place your hemp products in those boxes. We make inserts of cardboard, corrugated, or Kraft materials. We have our own die-cut equipment. Hence we are able to slice the exact size of the required product. If you contact us, we can send you the necessary samples of our display boxes and you can see the standard that we are providing to USA retail markets.

Once You Place the Order

We have dedicated ourselves to the promotion of hemp industries. And we are working solely for the Hemp Packaging products wholesale solutions. We have deployed a hefty team of customer support representatives. They are here to listen to you. And they understand your project theme quite keenly. We are located in Jacksonville. And we are available for all of America. You can contact us on all business days during working hours. Being loyal to a specific product has strengthened us. We are able to quote you better prices.

It is just not a matter of price. Our in-house system of Hemp Packaging provides us with many conveniences. We are able to deliver you the products quickly. It all starts from the very first phone call of yours. Once we receive your call, our whole system comes into action. After receiving your query our pricing department works on your product size, quantities, etc. Then we reach a winning quote. Once you approve the quote a work hierarchy starts. We offer you free design support.

Sometimes we make free designs for you even before finalizing the quotation. Customer satisfaction is our sole priority. We provide you with the ease of unlimited revisions. Every time we provide you with free 3D digital mockups. If you need a sample before printing we also manage to send it to you. Then we complete printing and other necessary procedures accordingly. Once we finish the whole project one of our quality control officers inspects the shipment to make sure the error-free delivery of Hemp Packaging Boxes.

Call and Receive Them

We are here to cooperate. Dial us at (510) 500-9533 or send us an email at to get the remarkable shipment of your Hemp Packaging products.